August 31

I hope you had a great weekend! Take out your calendar and record this important information:

*Our first meeting will be held September 9, 2015. This meeting is for professional staff only. Please add this date to your calendar to ensure you are in attendance. Due to dismissal time, the meeting will start at 4:15. Please bring your class EOY data from last school year. K-2=EOY DRA and the last CBA 3-5 STAAR data by subject/reporting category and the last CBA
We will send out an additional email before the meeting so that everyone will have all information at their fingertips.

*Mark your calendar for Learning Walks: November 18th and February 3

*Please note there is a CHANGE in Professional Learning Community meeting days.
Campus/District Specialist will meet with our teachers on Thursdays. The office staff will alert parents that teachers will not be available for conferences during conference periods on Thursdays.

*Technology requests are being completed on a daily basis. However, I need to know that all teacher computers are working. If your teacher computer is not working, please email me TODAY. Once we have resolved all teacher issues, we will move to student computers.

*Teacher Self Reports are due September 11, 2015.

*Please review your Fire drill procedures with students TODAY. September 14th is approaching.

* Red crate tabs are: lesson plans, walk throughs, RTI

*You must override the filter to view videos.
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