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A Family Newsletter: Week of November 13th

Golden Nuggets from the Counselor

Being thankful and showing gratitude

I will talking with our students about being thankful and showing gratitude this month. Here are some ways you could continue the lessons at home this month...

Ask every day one thing your student is thankful for today

Start a thankful jar- where each family member writes down something they are thankful about their family

Do random acts of kindness either for each other in the family or as a family for others

Talk about ways you express gratitude in your family and towards others

Make placemats or place holders to share with extended family about things for which you are thankful

Make a family gratitude journal and write down the things for which you are thankful

These are just a few ideas. Here are some other fun ideas for sharing thankfulness and gratitude: or

create your own and share with us at Baxter. Looking forward to hearing our students share what they are thankful for and how they spread their gratitude to others.

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Baxter Teacher of the Month!

The Baxter Teacher of the Month for November is Ms. Scout Heizer. This is Ms. Heizer's first year teaching and first year at Baxter Elementary as a first grade teacher. She has fit right into the Baxter Family. Scout's work family describes her as "flexible and having a positive attitude about everything. She has a challenging group but instead of complaining about it she seeks to do what is best for those kiddos. She is creative and is an incredible team member. She works tirelessly with each individual child to make sure they're getting what they need. She also works to contribute to the team in a way that's beyond her years and experience. Scout goes over and beyond each week to meet the needs of her students. She is a first year teacher and she is continuously trying to find new and better ways to reach her students so they can be successful. She had to make a drastic change in grade levels and she jumped in right in to take on the challenge with a great attitude."

Mrs Heizer's favorite thing about Baxter Elementary "is the community that we have here. Every person is willing to help anyone, anyway they can. I thoroughly enjoy coming to work every single day and that is not something that everyone can say!" Mrs. Heizer was inspired by her third grade teacher to become a teacher. She was new to the school and she took her under her wing to help her make new friends and enjoy being at school.

The advice that Ms. Heizer would give to a new teacher is "to just breathe. Don't let the chaos consume you! Everything will work out the way it is supposed to!" What great advice from our first year teacher!!

When Ms. Heizer was asked what wisdom she wants her students to walk away with she said, "To live everyday proud of all the things that you can do and do not be discouraged by all the things you can't!"

We are so Blessed to have Ms. Heizer on our first grade team and a part of our Baxter Family!! Thank you for the impact that you have daily on our students and our staff!!

A Note from Nurse Martin

Every year, the Health Office is called on to assist families dealing with head lice. Please remember, they carry no illness, and they cause no disease. I thought that a few words on this subject and a few proactive suggestions could be of assistance.

I highly recommend that you check through your child’s hair as a part of their daily hygiene routine. This is a good home proactive measure. Please encourage your child to avoid sharing any personal items such as combs, brushes, hats, coats, scarves, barrettes, hair ties, etc. When planning a sleepover, please consider sending your child with his or her own sleeping bag and own pillow. Also, please consider the purchase of your child’s own helmet for baseball, wrestling, horseback riding or other outside sports.

If you have youngsters in day care, please check through their hair as well.

Lastly, you may want to instruct your child to always zip their coat or sweater into their backpack, when not being worn. These few ideas can assist with prevention, and also with early detection.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Baxter's Hub- Nancy Robertson, Library Media Specialist

What's Happening at Baxter?!

Upcoming Events and Activities

Monday, 11/13: PTO Meeting in the cafe at 6:30pm, Turkey feathers for sale all week

Friday, 11/17: Thanksgiving Feast during our lunches

Monday, 11/20-11/24: Happy Thanksgiving!! Thanksgiving Break

Want to team with the JOY of Midlothian?

We encourage each of our students to get involved with the community! The Joy of Midlothian is a great way to do so!! Check out the video below and you can fill out the application below and turn it in to the front office!

Need Canvas Help?!!

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