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February 16-19, 2016 #proudtobeajet #mcslearn

RACE Trailer (Jesse Owens MOVIE - 2015 )


Thursday, February 18th I had the pleasure attending a special pre-screening of the new Jesse Owens movie, RACE, at the US Space and Rocket Center. BazanED is offering educators complimentary toolkits that includes:

  • History- "Jesse Owens" PDF download
  • Lessons- 11 Interdisciplinary Lesson Plans for the classroom that meet Common Core State Standards in American and World History/Social Studies, English Language Arts, Health, Art, Science, the Humanities, Mathematics, Civics/Economics and Physical Education PDF download
  • Discussion Guide PDF download
  • Background information on the film
  • Academic Video Commentary forth filmmakers and cast video download
  • Official Video Trailer, and Clips from the film plus Video Lesson Prompts video download
  • Official color photos of scenes from the film download

EXTRA: Take your students to see "RACE" in theatres and receive a complimentary DVD of the film for your school to teach future classes!


Click to access BazanED RACE Information

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Google Photos + Fly Labs = Easy Video Production

FLY is a fast new way to craft videos. Editing video can be fun and playful. Discover how simple gestures can allow you to get creative with video right on your smartphone or tablet.

Below is an Optics Lab video created by Tammy Simons using the FLY App suite. (Thanks for telling me about these great apps!)

Optics Lab @ JC