By McKenna Fraase P.5

Rotation and Revolution

The Period of rotation for for Venus in Earth days is 243 days for one rotation, but for one revolution it would be 225 Earth days for Venus

  • Venus is made of Basaltic Rock and altered material

Venus info. on the Sun

  • The average distance from the sun is .723 AU or 108,208,930 Km.
  • Venus is the second closest planet to the Sun in our solar system
  • The temperature of Venus is 864*F or 462*C
  • Venus has no Moon
  • Once and a lifetime photo of Venus passing in between earth and the sun
Venus - The Solar System - Animation Educational Videos For Kids

5 Interesting Facts about Venus

1.Atmospheric Pressure is 92 times greater on Venus than it is on Earth

2.Venus is named after the goddess of beauty and love

3.A day on Venus lasts longer than a year

4. Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system

5.Venus is often referred to as the "Evening Star" and the "Morning Star"