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LRE or Least Restrictive Environment

LRE is a term used quite a bit when discussing your child's education. LRE sounds like a place, but it is actually about your child's program and placement.

IDEA says that children who receive special education should learn in the least restrictive environment. This means they should spend as much time as possible with peers who do not receive special education.

IDEA says two things about LRE that are important to understand when working with the IEP team:

1. Your child should be with kids in general education to the “maximum extent that is appropriate.”

2. Special classes, separate schools, or removal from the general education class should only happen when your child’s learning or thinking difference — a “disability” under IDEA — is so severe that supplementary aids and services can’t provide your child with an appropriate education.

The key word is appropriate. It refers to what’s suitable or right for your child. Sometimes, putting a child in a general education classroom isn’t suitable because a specific service or program can’t be provided there.

For more information on LRE and different types of LRE, click on the link below:


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Principles of IDEA: LRE

Do's And Don'ts When Interacting with a Blind Person from our VI Team

Simple tips on what to do and what not to do when speaking with a blind person, what to do when a blind person is in need, if a blind person asks you for directions, and if you are asked to be a guide for a blind person.
Do's and Don'ts

A great guide and resource when interacting with the visually impaired community

Building Resilience and Conversation Guides When Talking About Emotions from Our EI Team

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Upcoming Support Meetings and Great Resources from our ASD Team

Please Join One of Our Saginaw ASD Parent Support Group May or June Meetings:

May 11th 6:30pm-7:30pm

(Guest Speaker - Heather Beson, from Saginaw Community Mental Health, to share information about what CMH’s role is with autism evaluations and service coordination)

Zoom link: https://sisd.zoom.us/j/94306153241?pwd=VnRNQVNuSXZUSEZmcHVpY0hSeU1JZz09

May 13th 11am-12:00pm

(Guest Speaker - Heather Beson, from Saginaw Community Mental Health, to share information about what CMH’s role is with autism evaluations and service coordination)

Zoom link: https://sisd.zoom.us/j/99405673791?pwd=MmVaOEI1bmN4eHZsdENEa3pHbHBBZz09

June 8th 6:30pm-7:30pm


June 10th 11:00am-12:00 pm


Transition Checklist

Here is a helpful checklist to address the areas of student needs, strategies that have worked, and student skills

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Useful START Resources

Here you will find helpful information on START and Caregiver Tips

Enjoyable and Easy Exercises for Gross Motor Skills from our PT Team

Laundry Basket Gross Motor Activities

  • Use as a soccer goal for kicking. Great for balance.

  • Use as a target for throwing.

  • Work on standing balance while you are throwing by standing on a pillow or folded up blanket. The less stable the surface the harder you have to work.

  • Place weighted objects in it and push or pull the basket across the room (or even get some help with moving laundry through the house).

  • Use the basket to clean up toys. Squat to pick up the toy and return to stand. This way toys will be cleaned up while you get core and leg strengthening as they move from squat to stand.

  • Turn basket upside down and use as a table for playing in half kneel or tall kneel.

Brain Development Related to Hearing Loss and MDE-LIO Resource from our HI Team

Check out fun activities and resources from MDE-LIO.

MDE-LIO provides consultation, training, and resources to families and educational teams serving students who are Blind or Visually Impaired (BVI) and/or Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHH).


Interesting fact: WE HEAR WITH OUR BRAINS, NOT OUR EARS. Find out more interesting facts in the article below.

Spring Time Speech and Language Activities from our SLP Team

More Resource to Explore:

Games, recipes, play activities, crafts, science experiments


Virtual Field Trips


Spring Time AAC Activities


Fun Summer Activities in the Community from our School Social Work Team

Click on the button below for daily activities, camps, parks and places to explore with your family in the upcoming summer months.

Parent Advisory Committee: Helping guide special education services

When your student has an IEP, it can be overwhelming to try to navigate the course of education. The Parent Advisory Committee is here to help.

Mandated under Michigan law, the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) provides input to the Saginaw Intermediate School District to improve Special Education Services. The PAC consists of parents of students with disabilities (who have IEPs), representing the local school districts and public school academies. Each district may appoint one representative to serve on the PAC.

The PAC needs more representation from local districts. We welcome your involvement! If you would like to attend a PAC meeting to determine if you would be interested in joining our team, contact the SISD for the date and time of our next meeting. If you decide you want to serve on the PAC, you will need approval from your local school board.

For more information, call Chelsea Korzecki at (989)249-8713 or send an email to ckorzecki@sisd.cc

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Enjoy spending time and have fun reading together with your children below!
Sesame Street: We're Different, We're the Same | Read Along Series
Rebecca Reads: My Travelin' Eye
The Umbrella - a wordless picture book
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