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Quick and Dirty Tips Podcasts - Breakfast & Energy Bar Tips

9 Ways to Optimize Your Breakfast - Nutrition Diva

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that's why it is important to do it right. These tips are helpful for everyone because we all need a healthy breakfast. Whether you are a parent who needs to prepare themselves and their children for the day ahead or a teacher trying to show the next generation the proper way to start their day. The tips are short and simple with some explanations and examples. These tips really help show that a balanced diet starts at the start of your day.

What Are the Best Ingredients for Energy Bars? - Get Fit Guy

These energy bars seem a bit more adult in procuring ingredients and preparation. I think that you could still use some of the ingredients as examples of healthy necessities in energy bars, whether you choose other ingredients to make them at home or if you just want to look for these ingredients in store bought bars. You could use the recipe as a parent to make the bars for snacks for your children or to pack in their bag for a healthy supplement to those not-so-nutritional school breakfasts/lunches. A nutrition or health teacher could also use these ingredients to show a variety of healthy options to add to a homemade energy bar recipe with more accessible ingredients or a more simple recipe.
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Both of these podcasts have some very important lessons that they highlight whether stated or just implied. One of the most obvious in both is that a balanced diet is important, whether it is for the start of your day and a meal or just for snacks and supplements in between. Both of these podcasts mention a certain balance of calories, fats, sugars, proteins, or some other ingredient. Another connection they both make is that we don't always have as much time as we might need, and that is understandable. However, running behind is no excuse to be unhealthy as both of these podcasts mention. Whether it involves some extra preparation the night before or utilizing a healthy alternative to make it fit your time budget, both of these lists include tips for people who just don't have that extra time for a sit down meal. Finally a very important message both of these podcasts include is that natural ingredients, whenever possible, are the best choice. Sometimes that means making it yourself instead of buying it at the store, and sometimes that means a trip to the local farmer's market once a month for fresh, organic ingredients (which probably wouldn't be a such bad idea anyway).


I believe that both podcasts included helpful information in a simple, easy to digest format. I felt that Nutrition DIva's tips were very useful to me as someone who is not very good about eating a healthy breakfast. Her tips were easy to follow and are simple enough for me to feel like I would actually follow them. Although I felt that Get Fit Guy's ingredients were a little too pricey and probably not very easy to get, I still feel that his explanations and recommendations were good. I don't know if I will be making the energy bars included in the show notes, but I will think about adding some of the ingredients I can find to the homemade energy bars that I make already.