Roosevelt Elk

Cervus elaphus rooseveli

The Creature Along the Highway

Along Highway 101 nearing National and State Parks you may look out your window to see a creature with a light body with dark forelimbs, that can weigh up to 1000 lbs. This is a Roosevelt Elk. They can live to be twenty years old and mainly stay in protected areas such as parks from California to British Columbia.

Stay with the Herd

Roosevlet Elk mainly travel in groups of ten to twenty called a herd. The population of elk spotted in 2012 was 1,525. Their diet consistist of grass, leaves and twigs, making them herbivors.

Among the Dead

The main problem for the death of elk is drivers. Elk get hit by humans driving too fast, not paying attention, or under the influence. There are also poachers, people that take animals illegally. There is a hunting season for elk but you need to buy a permit from The Department of Fish and Game.