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Lets Start a New Path to New Friends

Today March 2, 2014 a neighborhood is getting together to meet new people. They are getting together because their neighborhood doesn't really have any events. So as a result they can lead to making new friends, and can even lead to making more events.

Once everyone gets together they are going to eat in the community garden. Next they are going to plant some plants after they eat. They also are going to play games, and explain how to grow their own garden.

Right after they explain how to grow their own garden, they will clean up the neighborhood. This is a once in a life time event for this neighborhood. I hope you don't miss out!

What To Do For Welcoming A Class Back from Summer Break

Dear Mrs. Marcas,

I need some advice for welcoming my class back from Summer break. I would like my class to play some fun educational games, but I just don't know what types of games they should play. I also would like to do a writing activity, but i don't know what they should write about.

How will I contact the parents if they changed their number? when should the welcome back "party" be? And of course how do I contact more than 100 parents in a week? And one more thing what should my theme be at the "party"

Please, please, please respond before Thursday August 21,2014. I will be expecting your advice soon. And I will call you later to tell you how it all went!

Thank, Ms. Kook

Advice For Welcoming A School Back From Summer Break

Dear Ms. Kook

Some advice for welcoming your class back from Summer break is difficult, but it can happen. Some fun activities, but edicatinal games would be: A multiplcation or divison contest, who can name that object, making math flash cards, and more. Those are all great fun educational games.

You could write about: What you did over Summer break, where you went over Summer, how was your first day of school, and more. You could contact a relative or friend of the child, if the parents phone number has changed. Your welcome back "party" should be when the school opens for the first day of school. Duh! And of course just send the parents a group message telling them when the school opens.

I hope you like my advice, and I hope your students like the advice I gave you! And I can't wait to hear all about the first day of school! I hope you you give me advice some day to.

Lets Elect

On September 8, 2015 we are putting on a event to elect an amazing eight grade president. This will led us to choosing our wonderful class president. You are very welcome to come help us choose! Your vote counts! Please RSVP.