Neptune Research

By:Bailey J. Clark

The Other Blue Planet

What’s the meaning of Neptune? The ancient Roman god of the sea,as known as the Greek god poseidon.That other blue planet was discovered on September 23,1846.

What Is Neptune?


    • The reason for Neptunes blue color is absorption of red light while it reflects green light.

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  • Neptune has a great big dark spot on it's left side
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  • That big dark spot was a huge storm in the southern atmosphere of Neptune which was about the size of the entire Earth.

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Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun Uranus is in front by 2.3 billion kilometers while Pluto is right behind it at 4.5 billion kilometers.
Neptune is about the only planet that has a perfect circular orbit around the sun


  • It’s orbit around the sun takes one year in Neptune but on Earth it would take 165 years.

  • It’s first orbit has been complete since it’s discovery in 1846 and now on it’s 2nd orbit it’s 3rd year has been completed.

  • Every once in a while Neptune and Pluto can sometimes be seen to change places because of Pluto’s unique orbit

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Oh my Gosh Facts

There is no surface to land on Neptune
Neptune is made up of ice and mostly gases and liquids
Neptune's rings were discovered in 1984 in Chile by men Patrice Bouchet, Reinhold Häfner and Jean Manfroid
Neptune have 6 rings around it. There are three main rings which are very thin and dark. The rings are made up of small rocks and dust.
It rains diamonds on Neptune
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Ten facts about Neptune