Erasmo Seguin

By: Anand, Jithin, and Koushik

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"Juan Jose Maria Erasmo Seguín (May 26, 1782 – October 30, 1857) was a famous, and important citizen and politician in San Antonio de Bexar (modern-day San Antonio, Texas USA) in the 19th century. From 1807 until 1835, Seguín served as head postmaster of San Antonio, Texas. After Mexico achieved independence from Spain, Seguín was named the sole representative from Texas to the constitutional convention. He helped to draft the Constitution of 1824 and was a major influence in the addition of a general colonization provision. Seguín assisted Stephen F. Austin in choosing land for the first colony of American settlers to immigrate to Texas. He later supported the Texas Revolution, providing political as well as material support."

What were Erasmo Seguin's Plans Towards Texas?

Seguin was born in present day San Antonio, Texas. Erasmo wanted land for the first colony for American settlers so they can immigrate to Texas. He actually only assisted Stephen F. Austin to do this. He also helped with the Texas revolution by supplying the soldiers with food, shelter, and water.

He also helped draft the constitution of 1824

Problems Seguin had

Just creating the settlement was a troubling thing. When you make a settlement you must know where to put shops and settlement houses. The main problem is that whenever you make a settlement/colony, you must know approximately how many people are going to be, contribute, and rule your settlement/colony. Erasmo Seguin was very wealthy but during the war he lost his wealth by giving food, and crops to soldiers,and was trying to regain it back which was very difficult for him. But luckiely the Republic of Texas gave him the same amount of food and money back.

Mexican government

"For the first time, people would be allowed to settle in Texas from other countries, including the neighboring United States. In 1821, the governor of Spanish Texas, Antonio Maria Martinez, asked Seguín to act as ambassador to Moses Austin and inform him that he had been awarded the first colonization contract. Several months later, Seguín and Juan Martin de Veramendi met Austin's son, Stephen at Natchitoches and escorted him into Texas. The small group explored a large area in eastern Texas. Three weeks into their trip, several of Seguín's employees found them to deliver the news that Mexico had been granted its independence from Spain."

success or failure of setttlement

"Seguin succeeded in the settlement because in a settlement you have to keep your people alive, and going. “ During the revolution, Seguín supplied the Texan army with beef, cattle, horses, and corn, as well as rockets for the storming of Bexar. Seguín would follow eastward with the Texans, during the Runaway Scrape Bringing a large herd of sheep with him, he would end up eventually losing them. Seguín's ranch would also end up being raided and used up the supplies by both the Texan and Mexican armies, who were scavenging for food. The Republic of Texas did later award him back for all his suffering by giving back money and some food for his efforts to assist the army."

Geographic problems

"The geographic conditions"Although the Seguín family lived in Bexar, on the south side of Main Plaza facing Nueva (between current Main and Dwyer), they also owned a ranch of 22,000 acres located 30 miles (48 km) from Bexar in present Karnes County. The land had been purchased from the Mission San Antonio De Valero after its secularization. The ranch was named La Mora, and by 1810 Seguín employed five vaqueros to work it. After 1824, he added a 9,000 acres ranch near present-day Floresville."