The Rock Cycle

Justine & Abigail

Steps Of The Rock Cycle

  1. rock starts out as sediment inside a huge volcano

2. the volcano erupts and the sediment filled magma cools and turns into igneous rock
3. once the sediment is cooled into igneous rock, the rock groups together with other sediments, forming crystals
4. sometimes the sediment lands an a surface in the river, and it becomes a single sediment after years of weathering and erosion
5. the sediment floats, waiting to get deposited
6. sediment eventually falls to the bottom of the river, as other sediments fall on it, it gets crushed
7. after deposition, compaction, and sedimentation, the sediments turn into sedimentary rock, they have grains
8. as the minerals get closer to magma and the pressure gets higher, and heat grows, the rock gets squished even more
9. it turns into a metamorphic rock
10. as it gets too close to magma, it starts to melt, it turns back into liquid rock or magma
11. the cycle re-starts
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