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Reading Recovery

Resources for Parents

In your child's book bag, I made a packet called "Ideas and Resources to Foster Daily Reading Habits". When looking for ways to enhance literacy, remember ANY literacy activity (when done consistently) will help your child grow. In this packet you will find:

  1. websites:
    • Raz-Kids - find books at your child's reading level (your child's password is here)
    • Tumble books - a free resource of e-books through the Douglas County Library
    • Story Line Online - a great website to listen to stories, read by famous actors
  2. Sight word lists
    • Make your own flash cards for practice.
    • Ideas to make learning and practicing fun and engaging
  3. Handwriting formation reference
    • Practicing hand writing in the proper formation helps kids write faster, more legibly, and helps get correct reversals like b/d, p/q, etc
Keep this packet in the book bag for quick and easy reference. I hope you enjoy some of these resources!

Please come and watch a lesson

Parents find that watching a lesson helps them understand why we do what we do. You can gain tremendous insights about how your child learns. Please contact me to schedule a time for you to watch a lesson. If your schedule does not allow for you to come during the school day, I would be happy to come to your home for a lesson.

About me

I have been teaching Reading Recovery in Douglas County since 2009. I love working with young children to help them overcome reading difficulties. Beyond teaching, I enjoy skiing (downhill and cross country), hiking, travel, a beach vacation with a long book and I am learning to play golf. I live with my family in Castle Rock, CO.
Growth with Reading Recovery
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