Student Council



Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year! It is a privilege and honor to be a member of the Student Council Association at Southwest Middle School. This being said, there are many responsibilities that a member of Student Council has, both in and out of class. The following outlines the minimum requirements expected of you and an explanation of how your grade will be composed, please read this with your parents so you understand the requirements of the class.


You are expected to be in class, on time, everyday. We will follow the SWMS attendance and tardy policy will be followed at all times. Attendance at all Student Council sponsored events is MANDATORY! This is not negotiable. If you miss after school or weekend activities your grade will be affected.

Academic and Conduct Standards

Being a member of Student Council means that you have accepted the responsibility of representing the student body of Southwest Middle School. Therefore, you will be held to a high academic and conduct standard. Grades will be checked every time a progress report or report card is issued. You will receive ten (10) points for each grade check. You will be expected to maintain at least a 2.5 unweighted average (no Ds or Fs) in ALL CORE classes, uphold the Dress Code, attend school regularly, and maintain proper school conduct while a member of Student Council. This means that you will not get discipline referrals; if you fail to maintain this standard the following will occure-

a. You will be placed on probation if you do not meet grade and/or conduct requirements.

b. Probation is temporary placement that allows the student an opportunity to improve his/her grades and/or behavior. During this time, the student is expected to focus on improvement.

c. Failure to improve grades, attendance, and/or behavior may result in removal from the A. Student Council.

Course Materials and Cost:

· Student Council polo shirt $18 (new students only)

· Student Council sweat shirt $22 (new students only)

· Student Council Spirit Shirt-$8X2=$16 (new students only)

· Fieldtrip WEWA- $40

· FASC Kick off- $75

· District 3 meetings-$7X3= $21

Total for new members=$192 If you are a previous member and you do not need the sweatshirt or polo the cost will be $136.