What Drugs Will Do To Your Life

Danielle Maple

The Warning Signs and Symptoms that you or someone you know has been doing drugs

If you are experiencing this or you notice one of your friends experiencing this, I encourage you and/or your friend to get help. Drugs take your life on a spin for the worse.

If your having trouble with all the relationships in your life, whether its your family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, it probably because of drugs. Drugs make it harder to process your emotions so instead they just run wild.

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Drugs influence you and become more addicted when your alone, surround yourself with people that make you feel good and stay away from that stuff.
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50% of teens have tried some form of illicit drug by the time the graduate high school. Don'f fall in that 50%. Convince your friends to stay away from drugs. When your in high school everyone is blinded to not see what drugs actually do to your body.

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If you have a job, you will start slacking because all you want is the drugs. Your new job will be stealing from others just so you can chase that high, is that really worth it?

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To get help, visit some of the websites below,




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