Death Cap Mushrooms

By : Sam Barrick

Where is it found

Death Cap Mushrooms are found all over the world like Europe, Australia, North America, Norway, and South Africa


Its 6 inches tall, with many crowded white gills underneath the cap. It also has white spore prints all over the mushroom, and smells slightly like a rose.

Chemical Characteristics

Within the nucleus DNA is transcribed to messenger RNA, with the help of several enzymes - RNA polymerases I, II and III. There are several deadly Death cap toxins, collectively called am toxins. Within the am toxins there’s a subgroup of closely related compounds called the amanitas. These bind readily to RNA polymerase II, stopping its activity and protein production, thereby causing cell death. Amanitas stop the transcription in almost all eukaryotic cells, though with exceptions - such as the amanita-accumulating fungi and some mushroom-eating species of Drosophila. The human liver is not unusually susceptible to amanitas but, after the gastro-intestinal tract, it is the first organ to be subject to a heavy toxin dose. The lethal dose for humans is estimated at about 0.1mg/kg body weight, so about 8mg for an 80kg person.

The Minimum Lethal Dosage

The lethal dose for humans is estimated at about 0.1mg/kg body weight, so about 8mg for an 80kg person.
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Symtoms of the Poison

The symptoms are stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Is it a fast or slow acting poison?

This poison is a very slow acting poison as it takes 2-3 weeks at least to start giving the serious symptoms the that are re-accruing.

Where might themedical examiner find traces of the poisin in an autopsy?

For a medical examiner, the traces of this poison can be found in the digestive system or even by the liver or kidney.

Clues for a medical examiner to belooking for

The clues a medical examiner should be looking for is that the patient has had stomach pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. As well as liver failure and kidney failure.

Is there a treatment?

As of right now there is now good treatment for death cap mushrooms.
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Are there any famous or historical cases?

Throughout the findings of death cap mushrooms, there have been no famous or historical cases of death cap mushrooms.