TUESDAY--- September 17, 2013


Technology: Please load Drop Box on to your home computer. Your child should put a document from home into the Drop Box Folder ---it will then save live to the cloud. We are practicing moving documents from home to school and vice versa.


  • We voted on our class slogan / symbol. We decided on a Lego brick for our Class Symbol --- our slogan is Building the next generation -- I love it! We will have a drawing contest. If your child would like to participate --- he /she should draw their picture on a white sheet of paper. We will vote next week!
  • We had 15 minutes to work on our S'more posters on "What Object Am I?" We were not able to finish the posters -- your child has homework! The poster should include the following: strength of the object, weakness of the object, personal slogan for the object, and how understanding objects will help me work better in a group, and a picture. When the poster is complete ---please email me the link! I will create a virtual TACKK board with everyone's virtual poster.

Critical Thinking:

  • We reviewed -- Clarity, Accuracy, and Precision

Elements of Reasoning Skills: Purpose & State the Question:

  • We reviewed Purpose and state the question.

    Enrichment Centers:

    • Topic Study: Today we continued to use our new technology tool---- Padlet. Students are talking excellent notes!
    • Math: We had a successful day of math problem solving!
    • Science: We finished our first experiment write up and will begin a new solar collector experiment next week! We also learned how to graph using the create a graph tool on my "PEAK PAD" (click here).

    Theme Study:

    • Today we completed an activity called: Can I trust these sources? This was a very eye-opening activity. Out of 6 websites ---only 2 could be trusted. Ask your child to explain how we determined what was trustworthy and what was not.
    • Students looked at more brain materials and narrowed down their brain topic choice to 3 --next week we will finalize our selection! I am hearing some fantastic choices.
    • Students are asking themselves the following questions: Is the brain topic Interesting? ?Is it the right size? Is it easy enough to understand? Do I have easy access to information?



    • Finish the brain lobe essay and email to me! ( I still have a few missing!)
    • Load Drop Box on your home computer. Save something from home to the Drop Box folder.
    • Finish the S'more poster and email me the link!

    New Apps are where it's at ---

    We have learned the following new Technology Applications:

    • Symbaloo - "PEAK PAD"
    • Drop Box
    • S'more poster
    • Padlet
    • Google Docs
    • Create a Graph
    • Live Binders --- for Topic Study

    Up next ----

    • Edmodo (review)
    • Thinglink
    • Kid's Blog
    • Evernote