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August 27, 2013



Meeting Norms

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School Marketing

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Brawley by the Numbers

Answer Garden: http://answergarden.ch/view/63438

Puzzle Pieces (6 word teaching philosophy): http://www.smithmag.net/sixwords/ and http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=18768430

Additional Video for "6 words": http://vimeo.com/57182476

Marshmallow Challenge

Instructions and Rules


  1. In your PLCs open supplies bag.

  2. Work for 10 minutes to build the tallest structure possible to support a marshmallow.


  • Challenge lasts 10 minutes

  • Build the tallest freestanding structure

  • The entire marshmallow must be on top

  • Use as much or as little of the supplies

  • Teams cannot hold on to the structure when time is out

Countdown Timer

Ted Talk: Marshmallow Challenge

What does it mean for us?

  • How do we need to think about communication, collaboration, and failure in our work?

  • Discuss the dynamics of your PLC.

  • PLC info and expectations for the school year

PLC Chairs