how to use computers

do you know how to relly use a computer


tell me how to use a computer and what to click?

every botten is importent.

and every botten does something.

what is a cc.

you can send any thing on email

cc is carban capy

what is an input

what is an out put

what do you have to do to send an email

the computer system has more then one inputs provid date.

Inputs: keyboard, mouse,scanner,joystick. what is a key board? keyboard is a board with letters and numbers and many outher things if we dident have keybors we whould not be able to write anything.

mouse: mouse is a relly importent object that is a part of the computer. The mouse helps us to click thing on the moniter, if we dident have a mouse whats the point of haveing a coputer.

Outputs: sound,why fie,printer,computer. outputs are importent because we can send things and we can also listen to things.

hard drive is a the main and usually largest, date storage hard were device in a computer.

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