Valley & Ridge Region


Physical Features

Valley and ridge has valleys and cool looking mountains.

So if you like exercise,hiking or even looking at sun sets over a mountain this is you place.

Also if you looking for a good honey moon spot or you just want to look at a breath taking valley then valley and ridge is you place

The Valley and Ridge province has developed on thick, folded beds of sedimentary rock


In this region you can come see our many types of apples. The apples are red delicious , golden delicious, Rome , Stayman , York, Granny Smith , empire , Fuji , ginger gold , gala , Winesap and the pink lady. You can see the luray caverns with lots of thing to do there. If your kids love mazes then you can bring them to the maze near the luray caverns.if you love to farm then you can come and see our farming areas. You can also see are wonderfully poultry near the farming areas.

Interesting tidbits

If you stay in the valley and ridge region you can tour through the valley and the ridges to see these amazing sites! If you like bridges and the guy who made us free?,then you would love the Natural Bridge George Washington carved his initials there and they're still there! Do you like exploring? If so this is a great place to see the Luray caverns an underground place with stalactites and stalagmites;stalactites are things that look like mountains hanging from the ceiling and stalagmites are things that look like mountains on the ground. The valley and ridge region has wonderful golden apples that you can pick while you are on vacation or you can make apple pie. In the southern part of this region there are waterfalls which is for me a great site to see!!! Farming is another fantastic site to see with all those beautiful animals!!!!! Why sit at home when you can got on a unbelievable trip to the valley and ridge region.

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Realative location and cities

The valley and ridge's cities are Blacksburg, radfurd, Salem, Winchester and Harrisonville. The relative location is west of the blue ridge mountins and east of the Appalachian plateu .