Talented People Wanted


Film Actors

Pay may vary depending on role and contract price negotiation

$1,000 - $52,000 a year

Independent Actors have been known to make anywhere from $60,000 to $75 million a movie

TV Actors

Average Actors - $24.84

Independent Actors - $45.39

Theater Actors

Qualifications -

No Formal Training Needed


Projection Skills

Basic -

$21.10 per hour

Broadway -

$1,754 per week

Background Actors

Hourly Pay - $8 - $12.50

Daily Pay - $64 - $100

The pay of Background actors varies wildly depending on a variety of factors

Commercial Actors

Rates begin at $592 for rehearsal and filming and go down to $107 each time the commercial is shown from four to 13 times.

Commercials filmed for the highest level or programming grant a salary of $1,931

Stunt Actors

Qualifications -

Acting Ability ( You're still displaying a character)


Clack Belt in at least form on Martial Arts

Skilled in all forms of Martial Arts


Pay -

Daily Salary - $800

Average Salary - $70,000

Expected Life Time Earnings - $2,900,000

Voice Actors

Voice actor can make anywhere from $20 to couple hundred an hour

Average Salary - $40,510

Positions are limited because no matter how good you are... There's always someone better

All Pay in Acting Depends on -

How good you are, How famous you are, How big a role you have, How big the show is

Length of production, Number of days to film, Number of hours a day, etc.