Bullying effects people greatly in many ways.

Bullying Statistics

  1. It is estimated that 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students. Source: National Education Association.
  2. American schools harbor approximately 2.1 million bullies and 2.7 million of their victims.
  3. 1 in 7 Students in Grades K-12 is either a bully or a victim of bullying.


  • Suicide remains among the leading causes of death of children under 14. And in most cases, the young people die from hanging.
  • A new review of studies from 13 countries found signs of an apparent connection between bullying, being bullied, and suicide.
  • Suicide rates among children between the ages of 10 & 14 are very low, but are "creeping up." (Ann Haas, Director of the Suicide Prevention Project at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention)

Anti-Bullying Organizations

"We focus so much on our differences, and that is creating, I think, a lot of chaos and negativity and bullying in the world. And I think if everybody focused on what we all have in common - which is - we all want to be happy." ~Ellen DeGeneres

Let's put a stop to bullying.

  1. Don't be a bystander. If you see something happening, report to a trusted adult.
  2. Don't be a bully. Dealing with your personal problems, stress, and anxiety by bullying others isn't going to help. Always talk to someone about your problems and how to solve them.
  3. Don't remain a victim. Quietly accepting the fact that you are the victim without letting anyone know about the situation will not benefit you or the bully. Tell an adult about the bully.
Ways to Stop Bullying
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