Graham Mcnamee

Graham Mcnamee--Bio

He is the author of 4 books: Hate you, Nothing Wrong With A Three Legged Dog, Sparks, and Acceleration all of which are based on mystery and thrillers. The book Hate You was an best book for young adult and won the Austrian Children's Book Award, and was also nominated for the Governor General's Award. The book Sparks won the Phyllis Naylor Working Writer Fellowship. He was born in Toronto and works at the Vancouver Library.


Duncan: 17 year old boy who gets a summer job working under the city in the transit authority lost and found. All day he sorts, retrieves and packs up the unclaimed items. He finds it very boring until he finds a leather covered journal which happens to be a serial killers.
He is obsessed with a girl named Maya who mind you he doesn't even know. He's never talked to her. In fact, he's only seen her for about a minute. It was last summer when they were both swimming in the lake and he saw her get pulled under and drowned. He tried to save her but couldn't get her in time. He was raised to believe that guys are always supposed to be heroes and he felt like he failed when he didn't save her.
Now that he found out this guy is a serial killer, he feels as though saving these women would make up for not saving Maya.

Roach (aka the serial killer): He is a very nasty minded being who feels as though he needs to cause destruction to everything and everyone.


“... we can catch fish and just throw them back... it doesn't seem to hurt the fish much past a cut lip. But then... one may swallow the'd be a goner, whether we tried to pull it out or just cut the line. Because once you've swallowed the hook, there's no losing it. Me, I've swallowed it big time. ”

This quote describes Duncan because he says how he "swallowed the hook" big time, and when he says this he is talking about when he tried to save the girl, Maya, from drowning but couldn't save her.


Duncan a couple years ago couldn't save a girl from drowning a couple years ago because he couldn't swim fast enough to get to her and ever since then he can't get that thought out of his head. Now that he has found the journal of a serial killer, he feels as though he needs to save these women from this nasty murder.


Duncan doesn't know who this serial killer is, doesn't know where he is, and doesn't know when he is going to do he next killing or to whom. It's up to Duncan to continue reading this journal and figuring out the rest of the clues and to find this guy and bring him to justice!

My Opinion

I actually liked this book because it makes you think ahead and makes you wonder what is going to happen next. Very exciting! I have always watched shows like C.S.I. and or crime/mystery shows and this book is very similar. Although, I will say it's not what I expected meaning it has a lot more detail and describing things in such a way that gives you the chills, but I loved it! Graham Mcnamee brings a lot of detail to not only the settings but to the characters as well like what Duncan thinks about when trying to find the serial killer and just how it reminds him of things from the past. I would definitely recommend this book, very good!


The type of people who would like this book would be people who like suspenseful, creepy-mysteries and like to find out the unknown. It's very exciting and the unexpected always pops up, and it's like a puzzle that needs to be solved. But it's not only full of mystery but full of adventure.