Invasive Organisms Of BC

By: Everet Janzen

Himalayan Black Berry

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They are currently distributed on the Lower Mainland, Sunshine Coast, Fraser Valley, Gulf Islands, central to southern Vancouver Island, Queen Charlotte Islands, the Okanagan, and the West Kootenay areas.It grows in many habitats, including the edge of forests, in open woodlands, beside trails and roads, in gardens, beside rivers and on farmland. It is from Armenia and is sometimes called the Armenian blackberry. The prickly thickets prevent some animals from inhabiting the area and blocks their path to important places, such as water sources. On the other hand, some animals can live in the thickets, such as rats and feral domestic rabbits.

Eastern Grey Squirrel

The Eastern Grey Squirrel

The eastern gray squirrel is found from New Brunswick to Manitoba, south to east Texas and Florida. Native to central and eastern North America, Eastern grey squirrels take up residence in the deciduous woodlands of the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, and it has now made its way into the Southern Interior, primarily in the South Okanagan. In 1909, a small number were released in Stanley Park, where they are now a thriving resident. In 1966, several escaped from a game farm on Vancouver Island, where they pose a threat to sensitive Garry Oak ecosystems.