Andrew Jackson

Super Villian

Spoils System

The spoils system is a system that rewards supporters and political allies of winning candidates with government jobs whether or not they are qualified.This made Jackson's presidency bad. He supported and gave common men jobs that the never knew what or how the constitution worked.

The Nullification Crisis and National Bank

The South had threatened to secede the federal government. Andrew Jackson had used the power to use the army against the south. Which made the south to make a deal with the federal government and decided to pay there taxes.

Worecester v Georgia

This Supreme Court Ruling stated that the Cherokee nation was its own individual nation and Georgia could not interfere with the Cherokee. President Jackson ignored the court and went on with his plans for removal.This makes Jackson a bad President because he had ignored the court and did things that weren't in his powers.
Indian Removal Act 1830 Andrew Jackson
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