Charles the 5th

Holy Roman Emperor

Quick facts

He was most famous for being the holy roman emporor but also part ruled many other places

He was born on February 24 1500

He died September 21 1558

He became the holy roman emperor February 24 1530

His predecessor was Maximilian I

His successor was Ferdinand I

Charles 5 Wikipedia

There is a chart of all of his jobs and titles

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Early life

He was the oldest son of Phillip the handsome and Johanna the mad in Ghent in 1500.

He learned from lots of different tutors and acquired lots of languages he even had a quote

"I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men and German to my horse." He also made the national motto of Spain "plus ultra" or further beyond witch is still the motto today

Mid life/rein

When he was 8 he inherited his dad's territory in burgundy and some of the low lands

And when he was 10 he became prince of Spain

He also became a ruler of some of Italy

Another part of his territory was a lot of France

Then most importantly in 1530 he became the holy roman emperor

Late life

After giving much of his land to his son and other family members and colleagues he retreated to a monastery and that is where he died in 1558


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