January Newsletter

MRS. Smart & Mrs. Tyler

What’s Happening-

Math: Students are working on measuring accurately and comparing lengths of objects. We are introducing comparison word problems. For example, (Max’s fish is 7 inches long and Sam’s fish is 5 inches long. How much longer is Max’s fish than Sam’s fish?) Later this month, we will begin talking about fractions, including halves and fourths.

Reading: MClass reading assessments begins next week. Students will complete a few assessments with their teacher, but will read with another teacher for the TRC book level assessment. After testing, we will be sending home a mClass progress reports. Look for these towards the end of the month.

Writing: Students are learning all the parts of an informative paragraph, including topic sentence, details and conclusion. As student are writing, they are checking to make sure we are using correct capitalization and punctuation.

Science and Social Studies: This month students are learning the about forces (push, pull, gravity). We will be starting our unit on living organisms in late January. We are learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as maps and globes.

Important Dates-

1/12 DI Pancake Breakfast and Yard Sale at 8:00

1/15 PTA Spirit Day at Local Joint

1/14- 2/5 mClass Mid Year Assessments

1/18 Friday- EARLY RELEASE

1/21 No School- MLK Jr. Holiday

1/22 Regular School Day

1/25 Hat Day for DI $1

1/29 Report Cards Sent Home

Classroom Needs-

-Small toys for classroom Dojo Store
-Classroom snacks
-Different colored highlighters

Thanks for all your support,

Mrs. Smart & Mrs. Tyler