Hurricanes vs Tornadoes

What side do you chose?

Whats Up With Hurricanes & Tornadoes

Well their has been some debate were tornadoes are better than hurricanes or hurricanes are better than tornadoes. I've done some research to figure this and im here to revile the truth.

How much damage Hurricanes do

Hurricanes are very dangerous they do 15 billion U.S dollars. You might think that in the middle of a hurricane is very crazy and deadly, but really its not its not, its actually really calm. Well heck good luck getting in there its sounded by 40mph winds like a king being guarded. Even if you do get in the middle you would have to run with it. Why? Beause the end will come right behind it so good luck.

The distroction of Tornadoes

The damage they do cost about 50 million U.S dollars. They are spinning funnels sort of like hurricanes. They usually last to about 10 to 15 minutes. They are different categories of tornadoes F1 F2 F3 F4 and F5. The F5 tornadoes last about 25 minutes but most tornadoes are F1s about only 2 F5s happen each year so dont worry. But just cause they only last about 10 to 15 they are very fast and can move from you to all the way across your state.

Lets Look At Who Is Better

Compare & Contrast

Hurricanes verses Tornadoes a very interesting topic. They both are very deadly ok lets gather our facts. Lets look at what the cost of destruction they do. First let start with Hurricanes the cost of damage they do is about 15 billion U.S dollars and a F5 cost about 50 million. Ok more tornadoes happen each year than hurricanes but does that make them better well the answer is no hurricanes may not happen as often they are more dangerous and cause more damage.

Its Solved

Well after all of that research we finally found the truth. I hope you enjoy this research and or learned something.

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