Wanna Move to Ancient Rome?

Here are some things that are NOT in Athens.

What's So Great About Rome?

  • The marriage here is very formal, oil on doorknobs, flowers on doors, and the husband carries the bride on to his stallion.
  • In school we write with stylus' on slates, and you don't have to learn that much unless you would want to be a public speaker!
  • At religious ceremonies, we play music, kids play instruments, if they are good they can play in competitions!
  • We make tons of friends with more than 1 million people in Rome!
  • Ladies here have slaves to do their hard work.
  • Our senators have bodyguards protecting them from danger.
  • We eat flamingos and our children drink wine. Also we eat pig utters and sea urchins!
  • You can come watch gladiator races for entertainment!
  • Fancy Signature Bathing Treatments-
    • Wrestling, lifting weights, go through working up a sweat by going into a hot room and working a cleansing sweat ,before cleaning in bath tub. After you bathe, you get massage and get oil rubbed over them.


Here in Rome...

You will have lots of fun and we welcome everyone!