Weekly News

Elementary and Third Floor

Student registration forms

Teachers please call families and remind students to bring back emergency, and free and reduced lunch forms. This is particularly important if students become ill or in case of an emergency. We receive reimbursement for free and reduced lunch forms if they are in by the October 1st count.

Social Emotional Learning-Skill of the Week

This year both elementary and third floor are teaching a skill of the week. Our SEL coordinator has created folders with each skill. I will send the link to the skill in this weekly bulletin by Thursday of each week. You may add links, videos or other resources to the folder for others to use. Please stay on the same pace as the rest of the program so we can recognize students across grade levels, classrooms, and programs.

Skillstreaming is a research-based skills training program. It is a four-part training approach—modeling, role-playing, performance feedback, and generalization—to teach essential prosocial skills to children and adolescents.

* In the power point you will find notes that will help guide your discussion and teaching.

Begin teaching the next skill Friday's or beginning next week.

Here is the link to next week's skill: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1OZsohInoVks41r9OY6lN_i3C5_jzvdUO1zk-j_genZg/edit#slide=id.p

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Silent/ Independent Reading

Make sure to dedicate time for silent/independent each day and offer a minimum of 20 minutes of independent reading a day. Keep the time sacred- make sure it happens every day

Start by building stamina- start with 2 minutes a day, work up to the 20 minutes, celebrate each minute they read silently, make it a game to read silently longer

In checking comprehension ( you don't have to if they are enjoying themselves) ask questions about what they like about the books, least favorite thing, funny thing they read, ask about favorite character

Model silent reading so they see you as a reader that enjoys independent reading time


  • Walkie use-call people direct as much as possible & make sure volume is turned up
  • Communicate with classroom staff when you need to be out sick, put into AESOP (See Dana Trattles if you need assistance)
  • Take your lunch breaks! Ask for help if it becomes a problem
  • Support each other but know when it is time to tap out
  • Share your daily successes
  • Stay positive! We are off to an amazing start

Youtube Video: Don't let me down!

Here is a video that reminded me of you all. We are all working hard, are staying positive, and doing what's best for kids everyday. As time passes, students begin to demonstrate more behaviors and things get difficult. Remember to lean on each other Continue to use active supervision and your best de-escalation strategies. Know when it's time to "tap out." We got this!



Students should refrain (as much as possible) from using the bathroom on first floor. Please attempt to have students use the bathroom before gym and lunch.

Happy Friday

Have a great weekend and don't stay up too late watching football on Sunday! I will be sending this bulletin at the end of each week. If you have something you would like to share with everyone, please let me know.