Table of Contents

What's Inside This Issue!

  1. Endangered Moth Caterpillars: Lyndsey Miller
  2. Mount Huashan- China's Most Exotic Mountain: Bryanna Sims
  3. Mount Huashan- China's Most Exotic Mountain, continued: Bryanna Sims
  4. Chang'An Sports and Events: Jacob Mclaughlin and Ben Williams
  5. Famous Pieces of Artwork: Ward Lawrence
  6. Brand New City Parks Advertisement: Nicey Moore and Sydney Thompson
  7. Wonders of Life: Jamie Tijerina
  8. Wonders of Life, continued: Jamie Tijerina
  9. The Food Critic- Restarant Advertisement: Landon Mack
  10. Carry Compasses Advertisement: Claire Moore
  11. Say Yes To The Shop: Noah Brown
  12. What's Hot?: Nineshia Robinson
  13. Cold Food Festival: Jacob Whitt
  14. Religion Confusion: Aaliyah Cannon
  15. Li Po Memoribilia: Madison Dykes and Renee Cooper
  16. Fu Fu Fans Adertisement: Sydney Thompson
  17. Stress Management: Alexa Cowen
  18. Chinese Architecture in Chang'An: Keyerria Wideman
  19. Imperial Exam Advertisement: Claire Moore
  20. Education in Tang Dynasty: Ty Christian
  21. Our Sources