Kobe Bryant

By:Logan Gillum

Who is Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bean Bryant is a professional Basketball Player he retired this season he as played 20 seasons in the NBA
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What Team does he play for?

Kobe plays for the the Los Angeles Lakers Kobe has played with the same team since he was traded on draft night.
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How Long has Kobe played?

Kobe has played 20 seasons with the Lakers, This being his last):in Kobe's historic career he has been compared to Michael Jordan the most iconic basketball player that has ever played
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Who Drafted Kobe?

The Charlotte Hornets Drafted Kobe and Traded him right after he was drafted in 1996 with the 13th pick
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What’s Kobe’s Career high?

Kobe’ career high is 81 points which he put up against the Toronto raptors that is the second most points a player has ever scored he is the only player to come close to wilt chamberlain's record which is 100 in a game.
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