by Ryan beeman

What it is?

Marijuana is a mix of dried green, grey, and or brown leaves from the marijuana plant

How it affects YOU.

During a good trip it will make you silly, relaxed,sleepy, happy, ect. On a bad trip it can make you nervous or scared.

The long term affects include a change in sight, touch, and hearing. It also makes it hard to problem solve and think.

How it gets in.

The trip-to-the-trip starts with ether ingesting or smoking the dried leaves of the marijuana plant.

Some of its other names.

Other names include:

  • weed
  • dope
  • 420
  • broccoli
  • blaze
  • skunk
  • charge

Marijuana has a psychological dependence or addiction

Signs of abuse

These signs include:

  • impaired coordination
  • distorted perceptions
  • ongoing memory problems
  • difficulty with problem solving