Turning Up the H.E.A.T. with Images

on IOS devices

Picture Superiority Effect

A great way to turn up the H.E.A.T. in the classroom is to have students create images to show what they know. The IOS apps below are awesomely easy.

Use student devices or set up a station with teacher iPads and have students create photos, collages, and/or comics.



100 Ways to Use Photos in the Classroom

Literacy: colors, shapes, alphabet, vocabulary

Writing: sequence, creative writing, how-to

Science: experiments, simple machines, clouds, weather, flowers, etc

Math: real life problem solving

Social Studies: field trips, geography, community

Languages: vocabulary

Physical Education: stance, position, plays

Music: Illustrations, etc


Phonto is a simple application that allows you to add text to pictures.

Phonto Tutorial




Field Trips

Science Experiments

Class Activities

Topic Posters

Pic Collage

Use PicCollage to make awesome collages with pictures, words and stickers.

PicCollage Tutorial



Book Report Alternative




Math Word Problems

Political Cartoons

and more!

Story Me

Story Me is an awesome app that lets you design personalized comic strips from your own photos. Create beautiful framed collages with speech bubbles and captions – then apply a unique cartoon filter! Turn individual images into a story in seconds.

StoryMe Tutorial