Daisy Troop 2220

Next Meeting is Friday, April 15, 2016

We hope that everyone had a restful Spring Break and look forward to seeing the girls again on April 15. During the March Meeting, Mrs. Hughes and Alexa created an agenda for us to help the girls earn the purple petal, "respect myself and others." The girls were really engaged. It may have been the accent, but they were completely into the books :). They read two books that were based on the concept of filling buckets. It's all about doing kind things to others to fill their proverbial bucket -- and our own -- and not so kind things drain the same set of buckets. To apply the concept they personalized their own bucket and took compliments that were provided on color paper and dropped them in everyone's bucket -- and their own. It was a great experience to watch their involvement.

Final Cookie Update

Thank you for all that you and your girls did for our first cookie sales. We are happy to report that after everything was finalized, our troop proceeds totaled $588.90. This will be detailed in the end of year financial report that will be provided. This money will go toward three things 1) savings for Savannah (typically 5th grade), 2) The charity of our choice and 3) the troop (dues, field trips and fun).


Here's a level set of where we are with our petals through the March meeting. The picture to the right is what Anna's smock looks like. Yours may be in a different order.
  • Amazing Daisy (Blue Promise Center)
  • Honest & Fair (light blue)
  • Using Resources Wisely (dark green)
  • Considerate & Caring (light green)
  • Make the World a Better Place (light pink)
  • Friendly & Helpful (yellow)
  • Respect Myself and Others (purple)

Early Bird Renewal

April 15 is the start of Early Bird Registration and renewal for the 2016-2017 membership year! Early Bird (April 15 through June 30) registration gives current Girl Scouts and troops the opportunity to register early for the upcoming Girl Scout year (October 1, 2016 - September 30, 2017) before the Fall rush! Our Council will be offering some fantastic incentives to reward our troops' Early Bird efforts.

Please let one of us know if you plan to continue on with the troop next year. We would love the opportunity to work with this great group again. Our troop proceeds will pay for dues and we will complete all registrations during this Early Bird session.

Last tw0 meetings for this year

May 13: Is a traditional meeting. We are in need of a volunteer so if your schedule permits, please let us know.

June 3: Instead of the traditional meeting, we will have a party to celebrate completing our first year of Girl Scouts. They will also earn their petal for "Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout." We have asked the girls to help us decide on a theme for the party that we will vote on so please help them come with ideas. More details to come!

Key Dates - Looking for a May volunteer

April 15 - Troop Meeting: Responsible for What I Say and Do - (Carrie Gilbert Cavalino)
May 13- Troop Meeting: Courageous & Strong - (OPEN)
June 3 - Party - Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout


Stacy Bogle and Neely Jeckel