Fever 1793

Matilda Cook

Matilda Cook is the main character. She works at her family coffee house with her mom, her grandfather, and the cook Elizabeth Bachel. Matilda works at her family's coffee house in Pennsylvania. When the whole town falls ill with yellow fever she has to help the survivors to stay well. Matilda caught yellow fever while trying to get to the country with her grandfather. She ended up in the worst hospital in the area but, she survived. After she recovered she went home to her coffee house by the river. Her house had been robbed, her and her grandfather looked threw the remains and set up some stuff bet they still had no food, after scouring the garden for a long time she returned after a few hours. That night the robbers came back and this time Matilda was there, she screamed once but soon regretted it. Her grandfather came down the stairs ad the thieves hit him hard, later that night he passed away A few days after she buried her grandfather she went threw the town looking for people, during her walk threw the village she went into house where she heard crying. In the house she found a little girl crying next to her dead mothers body (a fever victim). The little girl was named Nell and Matilda took her home. Her "adopting" a baby girl shows how she helps the town, she must have meant the world to Nell when she got taken away and cared for.

The Development

The 2 most important literary elements are what year it takes place in and how she handles all the changes in her life at the time. The setting is a town in Pennsylvania by the river, if it was a town in Kansas it would be mad cow disease. She handles changes by either crying or making things in her living area neater. When you are in Kansas it is pretty hard to get an illness that needs water to really "form", when her grandpa died she cried then she started to make him look nice for when he was going to get buried. This important to the story because if it took place somewhere else there would be no story.

I Would Recomend This Book

I would recommend this book. I think this book is really good. It makes you want to read more, after a few pages of excitement there is a twist and you have to read more. The way the author tells you a lot of the details and I really like the quotes that are written before every chapter. The book met my criteria because of the way the characters are described and how they act. The book makes you feel like you are there, during the fever but you are not going to catch anything