Technology Outbreak

All This Technology Is Outrageous

Newspaper project by Dilon Goodson and Scott Miller

Little Girl Locked Out Of Ipad (Hacked)

Dear Dilon and Scott

My little girl tried to download hack software for her Ipad.Because of all this stuff going on right now she thought it was a good idea to do this.I was wondering if you know how to fix this problem. I really dont want to buy her another Ipad. HELP

The half a star movie every nobodybody needs to see (brain jack)

The story was nothing like the book. The characters were poorly picked and the movie was very confusing and the plot was all wavy and overlapping.

Jack breaks out of prison

so the main character get locked behind bars. and this is so unrealistic its crazy. the real goverment would have put him on an island in the middle of the pacific he would never break out.