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Chicken Life Cycle

21+ days of joy

Learning about and watching our chicks grow was so amazing. Our class welcomed 5 baby chicks on April 27th.

We also had a visit from a hen. The kids were so amazed at what our chicks would eventually grow into.

Mother's Day Program & Tea

I hope you enjoyed the program as much as I did! They were pretty adorable! Thank you so much for coming back to our room for tea and cookies. They were so excited to pamper you. :)
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Teacher Appreciation Week

Thank you so much for helping make my week so special last week.

Estimation/Experiment Day!

We had such a blast estimating how many things were in jars and estimating how many fruit loops it would take to fill our hand. Our experiments were to get our brain thinking of what would happen to raisins in Sprite and color absorption.

Field Trip!!!

Froberg's Farm was such a fun field trip! The kids had so much fun picking strawberries, many for the first time. What a great way to see our plant unit in person.

Mystery Reader

A big thank you to Symphony's dad! He read some great books to our class.
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Poetry Unit

Getting the kids up and moving is something I often try to incorporate into my lessons. During our poetry unit students had to hunt for matching rhyming words. Their excitement made my day.