Amazing Swiss Education

By Cassidy, Bryton and Sydney

Switzerland has an amazingly developed education system. It is 3rd in the world in physics and 14th in overall education during the time period of 2010. Their education system out ranked the US and UK. We can improve US education by following in the footsteps of Switzerland. We need to take action now to help our future adults.


Classes for students include almost the same classes Americans have except Switzerland children are taught in either German, Italian, or French depending on where you live. Math, science, language arts, social studies, art, music, and gym are mandatory in primary school but in secondary school they have to know what they want to do in life then they get sent on that path. But in order for them to know they get their grades looked over by either the teachers, principal, or parents. They look for a job by how good the student does in the students classes. Once the student agrees with the job and grades show they can succeed they move to classes choosen for them. If they want a different job they have to go back to what ever school they went to last and redo it. Unless they change their mind during school then their classes change to what they choose and had to have been agreed on by the school officials.

Attendance and Technology

School attendance in Switzerland is not very different then Americas attendence requirement. In Switzerland you do not have to attend what we call Kindergarden, but in America it is at most schools and states required to go to Kindergarden. Schools in Switzerland recommend you to either go to secondary school or primary school just like in the United States. There tecnologloicaly use at school is a little different then ours. We use technology in our elementary schools and Middle schools, and ect. They only use there highly advanced tecnologly in there university's and colleges. Overall Switzerland isn't as different as people make it educational wise.

Teachers Salary and Education Path

Every wonder what teachers earn in other countries? In Switzerland they make $113,000, double the tipical American high school teacher at about $55,050. The secondary school teachers make $137,578.21. The public school teachers make 85% less than the private school teachers and are calling for at least a 20% salary increase changing primary teachers to $135,600 and secondary to $165,093.85. The private school teachers make around $231,784.84. But with this money they also work more. Instead of the average 1,700 hours a year they work 2,000. Teachers have a large competition and have a lot of taxes. Teachers are thought of as one of the top people because Switzerland takes education very seriously. It is difficult to become a teacher, they need several degrees in several areas. Competition is extremely high and job openings are extremely slim. Some of the schools offer relocation for teachers who need to live closer to their job. Teachers with the higher education over the rest of the competition are almost always guaranteed the job.

School choices and Funding

In Switzerland there are different types of school that lead you to a college or university. They have a kindergarden like the untied states does, but it's not as well funded because it is not yet manditory in Switzerland. They also have public and private schools like here in the United States. But they have secondary and primary schools. A Gymnasium is a secondary school, if you want to go to a college or university you have to go Gymnasuim. All their schools are government funded, both the secondary and primary schools. Switzreland has different kinds of schools than the U.S. because in the U.S. we don't have schools that only go to college. We have schools that prepare everyone the same way. We get to pick if we go to college. Whereas, in Switzerland you chose at a young age to go to a Secondary or Primary school and are trained depending on your choice. Switzerlands methods must be working because they are ranked way higher then U.S. educational wise.

As just proven, the US needs to learn some basic skills needed for a great eduction system from Switzerland. We need to educate our young people in the best way possible. Soon they will be the hands holding this country together.


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