RTB Library

Ms. D. Rios, Library Media Specialist

New Year Resolutions

At the library this year students were happy and eager to come back from Christmas vacation and begin a new year. At the library students learned what a New Years Resolution was and were happy to come up with one for themselves. They worked in groups and talked about the goals they were setting up for themselves. This activity helped them practice their complete sentences and penmanship. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Battle of the Books Competition

R.T.B hosted the 2018-2019 District Battle of the Books competition at the library. Each team had to read 5 Bluebonnet books and each team got asked 30 questions about the books. There was a tie between FJS and EVE, but at the end FJS came up with the win! Every school from the district participated and put up a good battle. Everyone enjoyed the competition and was a great experience for our students and staff. Thank you to everyone who made this possible and to everyone who helped.

Super Reader

Rimberlyn De'Anda is a Super Reader for reading more than one million words by half semester! She's an exceptional student and loves to read. She was part of the Battle of the Books team and was a great asset to her teammates. She received a book basket from the library and a book fair reward from her teacher for her great accomplishment. Hopefully she won't stop anytime soon. Great job, Rimberlyn!

Book fair

We had our fall book fair this six weeks and it was a big success! Students, staff, and parents were very excited to buy and share their love for reading. Teachers received a $5 off coupon and were happy to donate books to their class library. Also, we are happy to announce that we did meet our book fair goal and all these donations benefit our school and students! We will be having our last book fair for this school year the week of April 29th - May 3rd. This will be our BOGO (buy one get one free) book fair!

Reader of the Moment

Our Reader of the Moment for this six weeks is Jocelyn Lopez. In regards to her love towards reading she has met her AR goal every six weeks and is very excited to try and meet her yearly goal.

Top AR class

Mr E. Perez' class has been on AR fire for these past weeks. They have gone above and beyond on their AR points and have the most points in the school. Keep up the great job and keep reading!

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