Bath Tech

Bath Regional Career & Technical Center - February 12, 2021

Bath Tech Student of the Semester

We would like to congratulate the following students for their outstanding efforts during the first semester of this school year.

Theron Leighton - Applied Academics - Morse High School - "Theron consistently participated in distance learning and in-person classes with a positive attitude and productive work ethic. His desire to learn and ability to produce quality work make him the perfect candidate for Student of the Semester." - Katie Clark, Applied Academics Instructor

Lucas Martin - Applied Academics - Morse High School - "Lucas really stepped up to the plate this year. His ability to become a hybrid student with eagerness and positivity improved the class morale during this difficult time. Lucas was always on task and prepared to learn. His assignments were of the highest quality and his great attitude is an asset to any class. " - Katie Clark, Applied Academics Instructor

Nathaniel Jewett - Automotive AM - Morse High School - "Nathaniel is a first-year Automotive Technology student. From the first day, he has contributed to the class in many ways. He, without fail, completes all required coursework and tasks, but, by his own nature, he provokes a productive learning and working environment stimulating motivation and bringing an energy which promotes synergy. He is well deserving of this recognition." David Minott, Automotive Instructor.

Micah Littlefield - Automotive PM - Homeschool - "Micah is in his second year of the Automotive Technology program and despite all the challenges over the past year Micah has shown no inconsistency in his devotion to the program. He has remained faithful throughout completing all tasks and has gone above and beyond expectations. He is a great student and an excellent example for others to follow and is deserving of this recognition." David Minott, Automotive Instructor.

Lucas Martin - Carpentry AM - Morse High School - "Lucas earned the honor by his great leadership and quick learning of the carpentry trade. I am looking forward to watching him grow as a person and carpentry. Congratulations!" Raymond Bernier, Carpentry Instructor

Marshall Weeks - Carpentry PM - Wiscasset Middle High School - "Marshall has earned this honor through his great work ethic and willingness to work the whole class period. He does a great job to get others to work so everything is accomplished. I believe Marshall will do well in anything he chooses to do. Congratulations!" - Raymond Bernier, Carpentry Instructor

Anthony Pelletier - Culinary Arts AM - Morse High School - "Anthony has earned this award by consistently participating in remote assignments, classroom discussions, being physically and mentally present, putting forth his best effort every day, and generally being a kind and earnest student." Elizabeth Baldwin, Culinary Instructor

Chauntyl Gauthier - Culinary Arts PM - Morse High School - "Chauntyl exemplifies hard work on a daily basis. She comes in smiling and is ready to go to work. She enjoys getting

things accomplished and strives to make things happen. Chauntyl is always on top of her remote work. She asks great questions and is quick to respond when questions are asked of her. Chauntyl is a pleasure to have in class and is a true gem!" Elizabeth Baldwin, Culinary Instructor

Emilie Crocker - Early Childhood AM - Boothbay Region High School - "Emilie has been a leader in the class from the beginning. She is very dedicated and shows that working with young children is a passion of hers. She is always thinking of something creative and gives many suggestions about how to do something. She will make a great teacher!" Gretchen Parlin, Early Childhood Education Instructor

Isabella Short-Galuza - Early Childhood PM - Morse High School - "Isabella has shown a great deal of growth and understanding in her work with young children. She is a student who takes charge and knows how to have fun while still keeping her students ready to learn. She is strong at creating appropriate lessons for her students and looks forward to a career working with young children in the future." Gretchen Parlin, Early Childhood Education Instructor

Zachary Rollins - Electricity AM - Boothbay Region High School - "As well as being a leader in the regular part of the class Zac puts the added effort into Brightspace work. It is that extra effort that will make him super successful." Landon Hixon, Electricity Instructor

Isaiah Genthner - Electricity PM - Morse High School - "After observing his growth for the past two years, I am pleased to say he will be a great electrician. He is a great leader in the classroom and his attitude is top-notch. Every teacher should have an Isaiah." Landon Hixon, Electricity Instructor

Mikayla Moore - Engineering - Morse High School - "Mikayla has done excellent work. She has quickly learned all of the concepts in class and has shown outstanding creativity in her projects. Mikayla is constantly experimenting to push her knowledge further." Ruthanne Harrison, Engineering Instructor

Alexis Garland - Graphic Design AM - Morse High School - "She arrives to class early, ready to begin her assignments. She works with care and accuracy on her projects and perseveres when challenged. Alexis participates constructively in class and positively engages in discussion with peers, treating all with respect. Alexis has strong drawing skills which transfer well to her preliminary design plans, and then to her digital creations. I am excited to see what Alexis will do going forward." - Kelly Brochu, Graphic Design Instructor

Taylor Rumery - Health Science, CNA - Morse High School - Taylor Rumery- "Taylor is very quiet, but is able to rise above her shyness when she needs to, especially when caring for the residents at clinical. She is a great student who gets her work done on time and keeps an above average grade level." - Sue Beauregard, CNA/Med Science Instructor

Zoe Walker - Medical Science - Morse High School - "Zoe is a hard worker with a good work ethic. She always completes her work on time, participates in class, and advocates for herself when needed." - Sue Beauregard, CNA/Med Science Instructor

Levon Travis Jr. (LJ) - Welding AM - Wiscasset Middle High School - "He has consistently proven himself to be highly self-motivated and willing to do what is asked of him without complaint. He is becoming an excellent welder in spite of the fact that he is only here two days a week and his online work is always done on time. I couldn't be happier LJ." Jamie Carter, Welding Instructor

Justice Pierpont - Welding PM - Lincoln Academy - "Justice has been a steady performer in welding booth and his skills have developed quite nicely. He has exemplified a positive attitude, a keen work ethic and a level-headedness that's uncommon amongst his peers. I believe Justice will excel after graduation." Jamie Carter, Welding Instructor


Friday, February 12: Remote Day All Students

February 15-19: February School Break

Monday, February 22: Remote Day All Students

Tuesday, February 23: Remote Day All Students

Thursday, February 25: First day student day in the new school will be Cohort A

Friday, February 26: The first day in the new school for Cohort B

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