The Hero's Herald

Fair Park 4th Grade: Sept. 19-23

4th Grade Kindness Retreat

Tuesday, Oct. 4th, 8:45am-2pm

300 Schmidt Road

West Bend, WI

This year's Fair Park 4th graders will be spending the day at Lac Lawrann on a Kindness Retreat, a high-energy day to give students tools to develop empathy, promote kindness and prevent bullying.

Headphones/ Earbuds

Please make sure your child has headphones/earbuds at school as we utilize them during testing. If you are unable to supply them, please contact your child's teacher.


We will continue to review routines and expectations for our Reader's Workshop. The comprehension reading strategy is to identify sequence of events and the metacognitive strategy is to determine importance while reading text. Students are also reviewing how to write a journal entry and summarizing text. We will also practice writing an ESP (8 sentence paragraph).

Spelling: Long and Short a Patterns

railroad, exclaim, statement, portray, basis, rather, dismay, basket


Unit 1 begins the year with the study of multiplication and division, focusing on particular models, strategies, and multiplicative comparisons. Students use open number lines, arrays, and ratio tables to solve multiplication and division story problems.


Earth Materials: the focus consists of four sequential investigations dealing with observable characteristics of solid materials from the earth -- rocks and minerals. The focus is on taking materials apart to find what they are made of and putting materials together to better understand their properties. The module introduces fundamental concepts in earth science and takes advantage of the students' intrinsic interest in the subject matter and in the physical world around them.