NCEA Pedagogy

Sharing interesting teaching and learning ideas

The start

Hello! This is the first NCEA pedagogy newsletter. Our aim is to share interesting teaching and learning ideas that teachers can adapt, try and use in their classroom.

Ideas that are shared are not necessarily dreamed up by us, they have been 'magpied' from else where for you to choose from and then make your own.

If you see something you like or use let us know. We have a Facebook page, Twitter page, Pintrest page as well as this newsletter. So like, comment, tweet, pin, or email us and let us know. Ideally you could take a picture and send it to us!

We would love all our posts to be organic and coming from good practice from within the academy. But we can't do it all, so if you see something interesting from else where send it to us to share with everybody else.

C'mon! Get involved and share. We need your input!

Oh yeah we even have a window !

We need you!

We can't stress how much we need you to share. So please share resources, take pictures of your work, the students work, your classroom and get it to us!

The school filter may try and block it, you should take this as a sign of quality. This school blog developed by @ASTsupportAAli is worth clicking the 'Use quota time' and spending some time choosing an activity to try. Go on! Give one a try and let us know how it goes.

What is twitter and why should teachers be using it?

Twitter is a social media site that is allowing teachers from around the world to share ideas about teaching and learning. It allows teachers, heads of department, SLT and head teachers to communicate and share good practice as well as everyday experiences. Join and you will be surprised by the thriving and supportive community of teachers out there.

See the attached guides on how and why you should be using twitter

Twitter Tips

10 Stages of Twitter

Tweet or not to Tweet

Some teachers within school are already tweeting from their classroom. Get involved and lets add you to the list!




Educational blogs

We will also aim to share interesting educational blogs. Below are a few examples of educational blogs.