My sports


        My dad sighed me for RRYFL when I was 9 or 10 years old and I went to the combine. I got put on a team and over these years I have got better. Now I love football.


        I am good at hitting. For example 2 games ago on kick off I ran down field and a  kind of big guy grabbed the ball and a really tall guy was leading the block for him and when he went to block me I lowered my shoulder and he didn’t get as low as me and with the force we both went flying and my friend got the tackle in the in zone.


Defense is a main part of the game. with out a defense doing it job by stopping the other team, all teams would loose. Defense is easy as long as you do your job. If you mess up your job thats just a time for them to score.The main reason i like to be on defense is because all you need to now is how to hit, be agressive, rap up.

Present Day

I keep on playing football because it is fun. I wouldnt play fooball if it was no fun to me. I also keep on playing football because I dont wont to regret not doing stuff while I was young and also if i had a chance to go big I would wont to know.Thats why I like playing the sport.