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~ I Don't Sing Because I'm Happy; I'm Happy Because I Sing ~

Who Was The First Singing Superstar?

The first singing superstar was Charles Trenet. He wrote his first song in 1938, leading himself to the top of the charts. He was also the first person to play jazz rhythms in his music.

What Year Was Singing Founded In?

No one knows for sure when singing was founded. Due to my resource, singing just became established as time flew by. As people started to sing, others would acknowledge it, amazed on the new way to spread words, and try it for themselves.

How Do You Train To Become A Singer?

There are many different ways to become a singer. One way is to hire a professional vocal coach. Vocal coaches help by boosting your self-confidence, and they teach you to breathe while singing, to help prevent the risk of damaged vocal cords.

What Types Of Singers Are There? (IN TONES)

There are different tones in voice depending on gender. For a female, the tones are Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, and the Contralto, also known as the Alto. For a male, the tones are Baritone, Bass, Countertenor, and the Tenor.

Who thought of the idea?

Once again, no one knows for sure. No one took record of the first singer, they only took record of the first singing superstar, Charles Trenet.


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Author ~ Rebecca Love Fishkin