ISST Quarterly Report

April 2019

ISST/Technology Continuous Improvement Activities: Dave Bolin

The work in the ISST department is mainly focused in four key areas; teacher effectiveness, professional development, AVID implementation and student learning. Additional focus this quarter has been devoted to curriculum and curriculum adoption.

  • Teacher Effectiveness: Our building administrators continue to observe and provide teachers feedback at a high rate. The first week of May the BERC Researchers will be on-site to complete their annual audit of the presence of powerful teaching practices in our district. I anticipate reporting to the board in June on the results. Our goal is to have all schools reach the 80% threshold.
  • Professional Development: The ISST Department is currently drafting a North Santiam Comprehensive Training Model for implementation in 2019-20. In brief, we are blending together all the opportunities we provide in-district for professional growth into one document and plan. Our plan will include how we support all teachers in our district and will have focus on teachers new to the profession and new to the district. We currently have two in-district courses being offered in Math and Science. We have approximately 25 teachers taking advantage of these opportunities.
  • AVID Implementation: All planning for sending our staff to Seattle for Summer Institute has been completed. We have 30 participants attending this summer. We recently learned we have received grant funding to have Sublimity and Mari-Linn possible become AVID sites as well.
  • Student Learning: The use of SBAC Interim Assessments that we purchased this school year is going very well and our teachers report that it is a valuable instructional tool. Their is a great deal of excitement to see our results on SBAC this year and we hope to see an increase in student learning results.

Chromebook Update

I presented a 7 year plan to Mr. Gardner and Mrs. Nofziger last week. This plan includes the district having 1to1 access to chromebooks for every student in North Santiam in 2019-20 or sooner. Due to the unanticipated increase in revenue this is becoming a reality. This is very exciting news for our district.

NSSD Mobile App

The NSSD Mobile App continues to be a source of outstanding information for parents and students. We currently have 4,240 school followers. The App Page View Report shows the most visited pages for the last month. The most visited page has consistently been the notification icon on our App this year. This indicates that schools have established a good connection with parents through the NSSD Mobile App.
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Teacher Messaging

The new Teacher Messaging system has been an outstanding resource for our teachers to connect with parents and students. Since September, NSSD Teachers have averaged 35.06 messages per teacher. Teachers are making an amazing amount of parent contacts, 117,769 since September. Great work!
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