Healthy Relationship

Finds out how to be in a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP!

What is Healthy Relationship?

A healthy relationship is a relationship that both partner can be comfort and feel supported but still independent.

What are some ways that you can have a Healthy Relationship?

1. Listen to each other thoughts.

Why?: We need to listen to each other thoughts because there might be something important that they want to tell you and you might want to listen it.

2. Don't be too much of Jealousy.

Why?: If one of your partner is hanging out with their best friend, don't be too jealous because it might damage your relationship.

3. Care for each other.

Why?: Care for each other is important because they are very sad and you want to take care of them.

4. Respect each other and give some privacy when needed

Why?: Give them privacy because some of the stuff they don't want to share it out, give them personal space.

5. Giving comfort for them when they have a bad mood.

Why?: Sometime when your partner is having a bad day, comfort them and say good things, they will be cheered up.

Give your partner privacy is really important because they need their own time and not always be with you. You need to give them free/ personal space.




Care for your partner more because they need to feel comfort around you! Be there when they need you and protect them.