Room 211 Newsletter

Ms. Stuart's Grade 5 Class

May is here!

Greetings from Room 211!

We have had a great month of learning in our class! Congratulations to Saahil, Andy, Joel, and Vivek who represented our class at the Sharing Assembly this past week. Saahil represented the 'Where in the World?' Club and shared his experiences of Skyping with students from around the world! Saahil, Andy, Joel and Vivek then shared their Louis la Grenouille song to the school.

We will be starting Track and Field soon in gym and your child will be signing up for at least 4 events. They will be signing up for at least one event of track and field. Information will be provided to the students soon for sign up. If your child wants to sign up for High Jump they must have attended 3 clinics in order to be able to eligible.

We will be starting our new Social Studies unit exploring First Nations and Europeans in New France and Early Canada. We have been reading the novel 'Red Wolf' by Jennifer Dance to help build our prior knowledge of the relations and early contact that happened between settlers and First Nations in Canada's past.

Have a lovely weekend! I hope you are able to get out and enjoy the warm weather that is finally here!

Warm regards,

Ms. Stuart


By: Ava, Saahil, Ranvir, Timothy and Ameer

After snack recess we have a fun topic to look forward to, it’s language! In language we start by doing bellwork. Ms.Stuart writes down a question on the board and then we collaborate with our talk partners and we talk as a big class. Also, we have been working on our PSA, (Public service announcement) either against or for an energy topic. We did a petition example with the whole class, and it was against wind power. It was an example so we could start writing our own. Every day 5 we go down to the library to exchange books and do our book clubs. You might wonder what book clubs are? It is when we meet up with the librarian Ms. Curtis and Ms.Stuart and talk about the books we read. Group 1 (Halima, Aksha, Ranvir, Garthika, Mohit, Massoud, Iliya) are reading Fatty legs. Group 2 (Vivek, Phong, Joel, Catherine, Mya, Selena) are reading Stranger at Home. Group 3 (Jessica, Ray Ava, Sommer Lojanaa, Wanning, Kenjah) are reading Shannen and the Dream for a School) Group 4 (Timothy, Saahil, Andy, Michelle, Ameer, Shankavi) are reading Stargirl. In guided reading, we looked at offensive sport teams that use First Nations as their mascot and explored why using a First Nations person as their mascot would be disrespectful. In some other groups we are learning about different First Nations cultures, traditions and what parts of Canada they are from.

Math is Life

By: Joel, Ray, Aksha

What we did in math this month of April is at the beginning of each math class we go to the front of the room with our chairs and do a math string with Ms.Stuart. Ms. Stuart writes a T-chart to help organize the numbers and a math problem that relates to real life, like cars and how many wheels. Also these problems involve multiplication, division, and fractions. In mid April, we started to learn how to change fractions into decimals. We have started to do a lot of partner work, doing different math problems and giving us have a chance to share our strategies. We have also so started to learn how to add decimals and subtract.
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By: Jessica, Vivek, and Phong

For science this month, we had learned about experiments based on matter. We have been studying physical, chemical changes and putting them into our experiment. We have to make a science experiments with partners, by using the three states of matter, such as: solid, liquid and gas. People had many different, amazing experiment and they worked so hard on it. We've also been learning about recycling plastic water bottles and how producing plastic water bottles affects the environment and society. In class, we had discussions on plastic water bottles. Then, Ms.Stuart had ask us to write about what we learned as a group, we have to share our ideas to the whole class, and we know that most of the plastic water bottles are being down-cycled instead of recycling them.

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By: Halima, Kenjah and Lojanaa

In french, we read the play “Louis la grenouille”. We learned how to correctly pronounce the words in french and we also learned what the french words would mean in english. Our class would let some people be a certain character and the rest to be another character and read the play altogether. We would also have sheets that asked us to write if a certain word was feminine or masculine that would also have a question that usually told us to use this word in a sentence in french and that said to use words on the sheet to make pictures. We would be put in groups and gave a sheet to read in a group. We also got into groups and sang about Louis (the frog) but in the beat of a song. The group of Joel, Saahil, Andy and Vivek are going to shared their song at our assembly. We would also have tests that would always ask use to write the dates for the month before or after, tommorow, yesterday, next week or even the week before. On our tests it would also ask us to translate the word from french to english, we would also get asked questions that would relate to Louis la grenouille (Louis the frog).

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Gym: Yay!!!

By: Massoud, Cathy and Sommer

In gym, we learned how to do flocking, and doing all types of different dance moves. After we done all of our dances we will have to perform our dance. It will be fantastic. We learned how fun dancing could really be. It was a lot of fun picking out the music and dance moves. We had to practice a lot and it was awesome. We were working as a team and cooperating with each other.


By: Andy and Wanning

In music this month, we start every class with the C major scales. We played African Noël and did our red belt test and passed it. Everyone has finished Bassesz Down now. Now we are playing African Noël in a round and in groups we are going to present it to the class!

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By: Naya, Mya, Michelle, and Selena

This month, for art, we learned about Keith Haring, an artist. He created pictures like the one above that showed movement and energy, therefore, for art we tried to draw pictures similar to Keith Haring’s to show movement and energy. We used bright and bold colours to really show the energy coming out. For the outline of the people we drew lines around the in a different colour so it shows the movement in the drawing. We drew very detailed backgrounds. All of our drawings are different and unique and we were all very inspired by Keith Haring's art work.

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Special Dates

By: Mohit and Garthika

Fun Days to Know

  • May 2: Scurvy Awareness Day. ...

  • May 3: Hug Your Cat Day. ...

  • May 4: Star Wars Day. ...

  • May 5: Cinco de Mayo. ...

  • May 6: National Nurses Day. ...

  • May 9: National Lost Sock Memorial Day. ...

  • May 10: Clean Up Your Room Day

Holidays/ Special Days

May 10: Mothers Day May 18th: Victoria Day (PA Day)


Aadesh May 6th

Andy May 16th

Shankavi May 22nd

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