BC Beauty Brigade

May Newsletter

April was was another huge month for our team!!!

You all blew it out of the water last month. We hit another record team sales of over $76,000!!! And so many promotions and new team members!!!

I can't even imagine what is going to happen this month with the launch of mascara and the return of Charcoal Bars and the launch of makeup in Canada!!

April Top Sellers (PV)

  1. Cynthia Giacomin - $3,293.70
  2. Kalin Liburd - $3,070.00
  3. Lindsay Aukema - $2,707.00
  4. Tanya Kaselj - $2,003.45
  5. Kim Nielsen - $1,958.49
  6. Tanya Davis - $1,772,18
  7. Rebecca Lee - $1,741.87
  8. Debbie Holmes - $1,638.45
  9. Angela Andrews - $1,512.00
  10. Lara Jarman - $1,508.00

Well done, ladies!!!

Top in Sponsoring

  1. Corrine Paul - 3
  2. Larissa Klein - 3
  3. Rebecca Manjarrez - 2
  4. Jennifer Mager - 2
  5. Tanya Davis - 2


Senior Consultant

Jacquelynn Rowland

Kira Swan-Piccirilli

Rebecca Ries

Suzette Puente

Debbie Holmes

Anna Robinson

Korina Felhauer

Angela Andrews

Katherine McNeil

Rebecca Lee


Kristi Martin

Cheleana Stafflund

Tanya Kaselj

Lindsay Aukema

Lara Jarman

Senior Manager

Leah Hamilton

Corrine Paul

Kim Nielsen


Cynthia Giacomin


Get ready to hit the ground running!!! Mascara is launching tomorrow and it is going be amazing for your business. Don't forget to check BTC for the marketing materials. (I am sure that they will also be emailing us too!)

BC Beauty Brigade Leadership Team

Jennifer Mager, Executive Director

Keep on rocking it!! You are all so amazing!!