West Seneca CSD Smore Training

How to Use Smore to Create Newsletters

What is Smore?

Smore is an interactive newsletter, flyer, poster that can be created for your school building. Smore newsletters can be printed, sent home and/or posted on your building's website.

West Seneca CSD is using Smore as a tool to keep PDF files ADA Compliant for the public.

You can create an email mailing list from within Smore, if you wish.

Step 1 - Create the Newsletter

Click on the orange "Start a newsletter" button at the top.
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Step 2 - Choose a Template

Pick one of the templates to start writing your newsletter.
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Step 3 - Choose a Design

Choose the design theme of your newsletter including the font, color and background.
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Step 4 - Add Content to Your Newsletter

There are two different ways to add content

1. Hover over the newsletter and click the green "+" sign

2. Scroll down to the bottom and use the "Add more stuff" box

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Step 5 - Preview and Share the Newsletter

When you are finished adding all content to your newsletter, click the Done Editing button. Click the copy or embed link button to share the URL online only. Click Print or Download PDF to share a hard copy.
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