Power of Tenacity

Giridhar Patri

Comparing Triumphs and Challenges

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill like many other people faced adversity in his life, yet Winston still carried on. Despite all the challenges he had persistence, and more importantly perseverance. Winston Churchill was born in November of 1874. During his childhood, his parents never paid any attention to him. He also never fit in. While he was growing up he attended prestigious schools, yet he was always the lowest in any class. He attended the military academy, Harrow.

He would always fail no matter how hard he tried. Later he had to try the entry test to the British Royal Military Academy three times before he can be accepted. Winston Churchill has faced many problems, adversities, mishaps and tragedies in his life, yet he still changed the course of WWII. He would later run for the Prime Minister, but be elected as a cabinet member. He would fail over and over again until he would finally be the Prime Minister. Over time, Winston Churchill proved his will and tenacity by keeping hope in the hearts of people.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson has also faced many tragedies in his life. He ended becoming a baseball legend. During his childhood, his family couldn't afford many things. He had a love for baseball, but because he was African American he couldn't play in the major league. It was hard for him to start a job. During this time, his country was facing segregation.

Jackie Robinson will soon be able to join the Los Angeles Dodgers, but this was only the beginning for him. During his career, he would have to face racial slurs, abuse, comments, and even violence. He carried on through his career but it was hard to endure such actions. He ended up breaking the color barrier and was the first African-American player in the Major League. He and his family started to receive threats from fans and sometimes players. In the end, Robinson was one of the most influential athletes of all time. He helped shape the way for everyone having a freedom.

Cause and Effect

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson had to overcome a broad set of challenges. Most of these challenges were because of segregation. He was looked down upon whether it was baseball or in real life. Many fans will shout racial slurs whenever he came up to bat. This had an effect on Robinson. Over time, he would doubt himself. Robinson learned to cope and eventually overcome these challenges. This, in the end, helped break the color barrier.
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One of the many challenges Robinson face was dealing with other players. Some players did not play fairly and would torment him. Robinson had to learn to never react, and bear no malice.

How did they do it?

Winston had to face adversities like none other. He was forced to fend off the Germans while at the same time calm the British. He has faced adversities while he was a child as well. His parents would never pay attention to him and his problems. He also had a lisp which his parents were ashamed of. During his time as a soldier, he got interested in politics. Later in his life he would protect the British from an imminent threat. He would run for Prime Minister but fail. He would also remember never to show fear. He was once forced to right down battle strategy while in a building that was about to be blown up. These are the many challenges Churchill had to face, yet he was still one of Britains greatest heroes.
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On the summer of 1940 the British isles was successfully protected from the Nazis. Winston Churchill helped the war effort by devising a master strategy. He helped shape the confidence of the British people and soldiers. This victory was crucial for the defeat of Germany's forces. He shows the sign of victory to the crowd.